Located at Central Park Athletics
Sun-Thur: 9am-9pm, Fri-Sat: 9am-11pm


  • 32 Climbing adventures
  • Vertical Drop Slide
  • Leap of Faith
  • All walls offer a number of
    challenging routes
  • Bright and bold designs make the climbing experience fun
  • 28 foot heights on all walls


Looking for an extra hit of adrenaline? Try one of our Super Challenges:
Leap of Faith or the Vertical Drop Slide. Better still, try both!


Imagine jumping to a trapeze from a springboard at 8 meters from the ground! This experience gives you a huge jolt of adrenaline! Remember to have someone capture this moment of pride so you can your incredible leap of faith! with others.

(Note about height: you must be 55 inches or taller to participate)


In this extraordinary experience, you will be fitted out in a skydiving suit and a helmet. Holding onto a handle bar, you’ll be pulled up the face of the slide to the 28 foot-high top, (or to as high as your courage will take you!). Then you’ll let go for a 10 foot free-fall before sliding seamlessly down the curved slide. Enjoy the truly exhilarating adrenalin rush of dropping into the void from a the top of the Vertical Drop Slide!

*These ultimate challenges must be completed during your one-hour climbing session and are not transferable to other climbers.


This style of climbing combines the fun and exhilaration of traditional rock climbing with the safety of the TruBlue Auto Belay system. Developed in partnership with Clip ‘n Climb International, TruBlue Auto Belay harnesses are now recognized as the most trusted and widely used auto belay in the world. It uses a patented magnetic braking system to ensure every climber is lowered safely to the ground, adjusting automatically in response to the weight of each climber. This means children and adults will all have smooth and similar rates of descent.

Watch these videos to learn more: